Happiness Is The Key To All Your Desires!

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February 13, 2018
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Each one of us does have desires we want to achieve; it may be a pile of money, a lover, good health, a big house, a super fast car, and so on. Not all of us have the ticket to access all of these. If someone can wave a magic wand, and let these appear in our presence, for sure, we will buy that one. In reality, we have seen people struggle, go through challenges and hardships before they can get all of their heart’s desires. Is it that hard to achieve all your desires? The answer is no. All it takes is for you to have a shift in your mindset, from your perspective about things, and change your beliefs.

The formula to get everything you want to have in life is happiness. Yes, when you are happy with where you are right now and do believe that everything you want in life is going to come into your existence and manifest, then you have no problem at all. But most of our minds are not wired like that. Our minds are wired in such a way that we do need to struggle to get what we want. We need to pay a huge price for success, and so on. People might call you lazy if you do not do anything or you get the things in your life so easily while they are struggling.

All of us want the desires to manifest, to come to fruition because we are going to be happy when we do have them in our existence. What if we do a reverse re-engineering. Since the result is us being happy right after what we want manifest, then, let’s be happy now, and then our desires will come faster. Why is this so? Our subconscious mind, the universe cannot determine whether the thing you desire is in your reality or not since you are already happy at its absence. So, the universe has no choice but to make it a reality, to deliver your desire. This is what law of attraction is all about. You attract what you are vibrating off. So, if you are vibrating the frequency of happiness, the universe is going to deliver things that will make you happy even more, so your desires will pop up one at a time. The desires that will come to fruition are those that you are ready to receive.

Let’s have an example if you have a huge debt in your reality and you desire to be financially abundant. To apply what has been stated above, what you can do is to practice the vibration of prosperity. So, you should not think about having the lack of money. Go ahead, go out, buy your favorite food, savor each bite, and be happy with that moment. Walk to the park, sit down on the bench, and feel the air into your face, listen to the birds chirping, feel the freedom, and be happy. If you continue to do all these, the universe has no choice but to deliver financial abundance to you since that’s the frequency you are vibrating frequently.

You need to go out of the current situation and hold onto the vision of being financially abundant. The when, how, where the money is going to come is the job of the universe, not yours. You will be amazed as to how the universe delivers you the answer. It can be in the form of an idea, having extra money in your account from surprising sources like a tax credit, or money credited to your account because you won a class lawsuit, or you got an inheritance from a distant relative, etc.


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